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At least two of the Gaza flotilla ships were sabotaged. The latest incident involved the removal of the underwater part of the propeller shaft.

It testifies to the Jewish mindset that the saboteurs chose to inflict minimal damage instead of sinking the boats, which, among other benefits, would make insuring the other boats next to impossible.

Israeli tanksThe Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has just published defense-spending data going back to 1955. Oddly, spending has always peaked after wars, not before them.

The current spending of the Defense Ministry and military-related civilian ministries is estimated at $17 billion, but is closer to $20 billion if we include the numerous secret programs. By comparison, the gigantic Russian army cost less than twice as much.

$20 billion could buy Israel a very powerful army. At least, we would have no shortage of funds for high-end military purchases. Instead, we beg the US for $200 million in aid for our missile interceptors. The problem lies in Israel’s insistence on maintaining a three-year term of compulsory military service, which is completely unnecessary in the current situation, instead of building a small but highly capable force. Compared with our Arab enemies, Israel’s sustaining power is negligible. We cannot wage a protracted conventional war anyway, but the government invests in precisely such an unusable army.

The UK’s minister for the Middle East visited the West Bank and incited the Arabs at Nabi Salih, where they clash with the IDF almost weekly over rights to a spring and over the occupation.

Israeli media attended his press conference and duly reported his statement that the British government considers Israeli villages to be occupying Arab land. As if we should care what the British occupiers of the Falklands and invaders of Afghanistan think or say.

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