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Last week, the UNSC amended its resolution declaring Al Qaeda and the Taliban to be terrorist organizations. Now the Taliban is exempt from condemnation. The move was meant to allow the White House to openly negotiate with the Taliban.

The UNSC decision creates a legal issue: what was NATO doing in Afghanistan for ten years if the Taliban are not terrorists? Certainly the Taliban hadn’t become less militant in recent years when the group emerged victorious against Western troops. It now appears that the United States invaded a relatively peaceful country whose government did not support foreign terrorism. Moreover, having recognized that the Taliban is not a terrorist group, the US still refuses to leave Afghanistan immediately and unconditionally.

Taliban fighters

Eli YishaiNine years ago, Interior Minister Yishai faced a problem: the Supreme Court ordered him to recognize Reform and Conservative converts as Jews, despite their observance being comparable to that of Polynesian cannibals. He opted for a radical solution, abandoning official registration of religion altogether.

That created a problem for normal Jews, who were no longer able to know whom they were marrying. Now, again as the Interior Minister, Yishai is working to reinstate religion in national ID. His move is a dead-end one: Reform and Conservative ‘rabbis’ decreased their proselytizing because it ultimately failed to win official approval. By reinstating religion in ID, Yishai creates an incentive for them to break their agreement with the haredi establishment and start churning out fake Jews. On the other hand, haredi rabbis have approved similarly fake Jews who were converted in the IDF.

A secular state cannot enforce religious values. Rabbis must develop their own registration system for halachic Jews.

The court finished hearing the case of several Arabs and a Jewish woman who murdered an elderly Jew named Leonard Karp at Tel Aviv beach, slowly killing him with uncommon brutality.

The woman was found guilty merely of not preventing a crime. This charge is normally reserved for hapless people who clearly disapprove of a crime but are unable to stop it. This woman, however, associated with the Arabs during and after the crime.

Prosecutors have asked for her to be sentenced to six months of public works.

June 2011
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