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Palestinian refugees in 1948For decades, the Israeli right and ultra-left have agreed on one point: no right of return. Conservatives denounced it for ideological reasons, while leftists simply hated the low-class Arabs.

As we have long predicted, the right of return inevitably found its way back to the negotiating table because of the policy of piecemeal concessions. At this time, everything else, including withdrawal from the Temple Mount, is agreed upon, and the Arabs lose nothing by pressing for the return of refugees’ descendants.

The Israeli plan to let them return to the West Bank won’t work: the PA government would never allow that, as the influx would break its civil society. Besides, the relatively affluent West Bankers hate the refugees and drove them away when Sharon attempted to relocate some of them from Gaza.

Also as we predicted, the Arabs have resorted to marching civilians across the Israeli border. The next action will include tens of thousands of people, and they might put women and children at the front. Israel lacks the skills to break up large-scale riots, though we still have two weeks to study the excellent tactics used by the Iranian police during the 2009 Tehran riots. Setting extensive minefields is one option; that way, at least, we won’t need Jewish soldiers to shoot Arab women.

The Saudi Navy intercepted and drove away two ships carrying humanitarian cargo from Iran to the Bahraini insurgents. The incident was hardly noticed and no condemnations ensued.

The 10,000-strong AIPAC conference lauded Obama heartily. The ostensibly right-wing pro-Israel lobby has forgiven the US president for his support for the ayatollahs, for ousting Mubarak, and for pushing Israel toward capitulation.

For his part, Obama has changed his position again. Now he does not call for a Palestinian state in 1967 borders, but for a state whose borders have been adjusted based on demographic changes. The settlement blocs, needless to say, are the smallest problem here: whether 8- or 30-mile-wide, Israel is indefensible, facing nuclearized Iran and Saudi Arabia, and surrounded by countries dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama at AIPAC conference

May 2011
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