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After a Fatah policeman fired at Jewish worshipers in Schem, murdering one and wounding four, Israel’s minister of defense rushed to demand that the PA ‘investigate the incident.’ That means that the IDF won’t kill or even arrest the perpetrator, but leave him to the PA. As usual, the Fatah government will place him in a minimum-security jail and quietly release him soon afterward.

The defense minister even concocted an explanation for the murder: the shootings resulted from a lack of security coordination. In his warped logic, Fatah gunmen can legitimately shoot at Israeli cars unless duly informed of their arrival.

Saudi Arabia has accepted the Yemeni opposition’s demand for president Saleh to step down. In a last-minute attempt to prevent Yemen from falling into anarchy, the Saudis proposed that Saleh be replaced by his vice president. The opposition has agreed, perhaps calculating that it would be easier for them to oust the VP.

When the opposition wins, pro-Iranian groups and Al Qaeda will enjoy unrestricted freedom in Yemen.

Ali Abdullah Saleh

African migrants in IsraelLeftist media speak approvingly of the Negev Brigade reservists who refused orders to expel African illegals who had infiltrated the Jewish state. These reservists, mind you, showed compassion to the illegals who had already made life unbearable for Jews in South Tel Aviv.

The attitude contrasts with the typical leftist howling when soldiers refuse to evict Jewish pioneers from their homes.

As for us, we believe that soldiers are entitled to discretion in both cases. The Army is meant to be used for national emergencies, not evictions, be it of Jews or African Muslims.

April 2011
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