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The Iron Dome and Trophy made Israeli towns and tanks less attractive targets for Gazans. Predictably, they switched to attacking Israel’s soft underbelly, our civilian targets. Thus the recent Muslim antitank-rocket attack on an Israeli school bus in the Negev.

The decision to install the Iron Dome is utterly wrong. Terrorists do not aim to eradicate all Jewish presence, they only need to score some hits. When we deny them hits by intercepting their rockets, they have to switch to our less protected targets. The only proper response to Muslim attacks from Gaza is retaliation.

Bus hit by rocket

Kurds protest in Syrian KurdistanKurds in eastern Syria have joined the anti-government protests. With the Muslim Brotherhood and the Kurds lined up against Assad, his regime is in danger. The major unknown now is  Iran’s attitude: it would be a gamble for Assad to invite Iranian troops to support his regime because of the lack of loyal Alawite regiments in Syria. Considering that Iran did not prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from undermining Assad, Iran seems to be forking the Syrian ruler: he will be toppled either by the pro-Iranian Brotherhood or by the Iranian force he brings in to fight  protests organized by the Brotherhood.

The Israeli government missed another chance to bomb Bushehr while the reactor was empty. The Russians checked the reactor and have started reloading uranium rods.

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