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In a last-ditch effort to cool the reactors, the Japanese began pouring massive amounts of water on them. This is what led to the Chernobyl debacle as high temperatures and radiation turned water into hydrogen, which subsequently exploded. It remains to be seen whether the Japanese will fare better.

Fukushima nuclear plant

After losing on every front, from Egypt to Iran to labor strikes, Netanyahu attempted a bit of self-aggrandizement and attended a press conference in Ashdod on the seized weapons shipment.

Predictably, Shabak instituted strict security measures, as they always do when the PM moves around. That resulted in journalists being forced to wait in two-hour-long queues in the sun and subsequently writing less-than-glowing reports about the Israeli achievement.

Maj-Gen Amidror was known for his right-wing views, thus his appointment as Israel’s NSC head raised some eyebrows. Amidror quickly downplayed his right-wing credentials by slamming rabbis who encourage insubordination in the army. Amidror said their actions posed an existential danger to Israel. Huh, we thought Iranian and Pakistani nukes were the existential danger.

In fact, rabbis only call for insubordination when the army is sent against its own people, to destroy Jewish houses in Judea and Samaria. And if that’s a problem for Amidror, he can always encourage Tel Aviv draft dodgers to join the army and carry out the eviction orders. But IDF cannot afford to rely on settlers for manpower and then order them to destroy their own homes.

Yaakov Amidror

March 2011
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