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As we expected, Iran signed an agreement with Syria to build a permanent naval base in Latakia. Thus Iran will get access to the Russian Yakhont sea-to-sea missiles scheduled to be supplied to Syria and to the S-400 deployed on Russian Navy ships docked in the Syrian port of Tartus.

Israel’s control of the seas will thus be sharply curtailed, though the Iranian Navy is very far from being able to dominate the area.

In response to Obama’s criticism, Bahrain’s monarch allowed the leader of the largest and most extremist opposition party, Al Haq, to return from exile. Obama’s reason for radicalizing Bahrain, home to a US Navy base, eludes comprehension.

Meanwhile, the US is losing Egypt. Riots against military junta have erupted in several towns. If, as it seems likely, the army is unable to field a strong president, the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to win the next elections. The freezing of the Mubarak family’s assets by Egypt’s Attorney General confirms that the army is losing control.

Hamad, King of Bahrain

The US media continue telling the lie that Col. Gadhafi is butchering his population. In fact, he uses aircraft to bring troops, not to shoot rebels.

The White House practically ignores the ayatollahs, who use live ammunition against protesters in Tehran, but condemned Gadhafi and called for his ouster after he all but suppressed the rebels, including Al Qaeda, on March 2.

The Obama administration has instituted a fake humanitarian measure by flying Egyptian ‘refugees’ from Libya. The ‘refugees’ in question are Egyptian workers who do not want to leave their high-paying jobs in Libya. In any case American aviation cannot relocate a meaningful number of the 1.5 million Egyptian workers in Libya.

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