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Al Qaeda in North Africa published a statement supporting the Libyan revolution. That should give a pause to Obama, who supports the same revolution.

Obama Bin Laden

An Israeli court found the former vice-mayor of Haifa guilty of rape. He ‘raped’ a certain woman once in his office and then again in a municipal restroom. Somehow the idea of a woman entering a public restroom with a man does not exactly sound like rape.

Another court ordered a sperm donor to pay child support for a pair of twins simply because he was not anonymous.

A few days ago the Supreme Court heard the appeal of an actor who was convicted of rape just because he did not fulfill his promise to the ‘victim’ to advance her career.

These ISIS photos show several nuclear installations in Syria, including a yellowcake plant. Israel’s Defense Minister bravely told the audience that he had known about Syria’s nuclear factories all along. It took Olmert to bomb one of them, and Netanyahu has no guts to bomb the rest.

Meanwhile, Iran sought uranium ore from Zimbabwe and reportedly from other countries as well. That makes nonsense of Israel’s claim that the Stuxnet trojan badly damaged Iran’s enrichment plants. In fact, Iran enriches so fast that it needs fresh supplies of raw uranium.

Suspected uranium conversion plant in Syria

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