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Washington has found another target for its self-righteous criticism of undemocratic governments: Libya. The White House and other Western governments condemned the killing of a hundred or so protesters by Gadhafi’s army. Western media distorted the story by declaring that the security forces were killing mourners, though in fact the disturbances in question were common riots occasioned by mourning rites.

Removing the Libyan dictator would be a grave error for the West. Two decades have passed since Libya last engaged in terrorism, and even then its involvement was cautious, usually though Palestinian terrorists. Gadhafi is so sensible that he dismantled Libya’s advanced nuclear program immediately after the United States attacked Iraq, realizing that he might be the next in line.

Despite his rhetoric, Gadhafi silently cooperates with the West against Iran and terrorism. He may not be the nicest guy to deal with, but he is the best available choice for a Libyan ruler.

Muammar al-Gaddafi

Saudi Arabia has defiantly announced its all-out support for the Bahraini monarchy. This support includes money, riot control gear, weapons, and the last-resort possibility of direct Saudi military intervention.

Oddly, the White House has embarked on the opposite course and criticizes the Bahraini monarch, among other autocrats. If the popular revolt in Bahrain succeeds, the country’s Shiites will come to power and bring Bahrain into Iran’s orbit. At a minimum, the United States will lose its major naval base there.

Arab MK Sarsour said that Obama can go to hell after the US vetoed the UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria.

When Lieberman uttered similar words about Mubarak, Israeli leaders rushed to apologize. This time there were no apologies, because everyone understands that Jewish and Arab MKs are not alike: the Arabs do not represent the state, despite their parliamentary status.

Sarsour also decried Obama’s loyalty to Israel. Presumably, Sarsour himself, though a member of the Israeli Knesset, is not guilty of such criminal affection.

Ibrahim Sarsour

February 2011
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