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Netanyahu told the Daily Telegraph that Israel’s reluctance to abandon the settlements has to do with Sudetenland affair, when the world powers told Czechoslovakia that it had to abandon a part of itself to Germany in order to preserve peace.

That analogy is unsustainable because Israel is more powerful than the PA, while Czechoslovakia was somewhat weaker than Germany.

The Israeli PM cannot bring himself to state the only reason why we cannot abandon the settlements: because the Maker of the Universe gave this land to us.

Four young Jews were arrested for killing an Arab on Bianchini Street in Jerusalem. The Arab, along with his friend, stalked Jewish girls in the area, as is customary among his kind. The teens tried to ward the Arabs away, and had to use a razor in the ensuing brawl.

Security forced rallied against a crowd of peaceful protesters, demolished their houses, and fired rubber bullets.

Will there be another round of UNSC condemnations, perhaps? Not at all, because this time it was Israeli police firing at Jewish settlers at the ‘illegal’ Gilead Farm outpost.

Only one month ago, port workers extorted vast concessions from the government in terms of wages and pensions.

Now they have launched a labor strike in order to receive those additional perks in advance instead of on the agreed-upon schedule. The government capitulated two hours into the strike.

Russian media published the figures of Russian arms deals with Libya: pending contracts total $3.8 billion. This is twice our previous estimate and exceeds the value of Russian nuclear contracts in Iran. Those contracts will be lost now that Russia supports the UNSC sanctions on Libya.

It took the White House hardly a week to broker a deal with Russia to somehow compensate it for its losses in Libya. Why was not a similar deal reached on Iran?

Putin and Gaddafi

Since the Muslim riots spread to Oman, Saudi Arabia remains the only country which has preserved its stability. Like a number of petty emirates—the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar—the Saudis distribute much of their oil wealth to their relatively small citizenry. That, theoretically, should keep the people content.

It remains to be seen whether throngs of foreign workers and resident aliens in the emirates or discontent Shiites in Saudi Arabia can stage revolts.

Saudi king Abdullah

February 2011
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