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After the court lifted the media ban on Kay Wilson’s story, it became more horrendous than before.

The Muslims did not attack the women suddenly, but approached with clear hostile intent. The women saw their danger and tried to walk back to their car, at which time the Muslims jumped them.

The murder took place only because the government tied the hands of its citizens. Kay Wilson had only a pocket knife. Even though everyone knows the dangers for tour guides, police often refuse them a permits to carry firearms. It is this pretense of safety which laid the ground for these murders.
And there are courts to consider, too. Kay Wilson did not attack the Muslims with her knife despite clear indications of their hostility because she knew she would be thrown in jail. The prosecution pretends that Arabs are not enemies who bear the burden of establishing their peaceful intentions, but common criminals who are presumed innocent.

According to the halachic standard of doing everything possible to prevent a murder of a fellow Jew, the Israeli government is guilty of shedding their blood.

Leading Ashkenazi rabbis openly denounced a decision by Sephardi Rabbis Ovadia Yosef and Shlomo Amar to approve the grotesque IDF conversions. The protest lays the ground for a schism in which thousands of converts deemed Jewish by Sephardi religious authorities are not considered Jewish at all by Ashkenazis.

The Palestinian papers, which have been published by Al Jazeera, confirm that Netanyahu promised the Obama administration that he would prevent construction in Maaleh Adumim’s E1 neighborhood. He did that in secret just months after promising in his election campaign to launch the construction immediately.

The E1 neighborhood is so important strategically that it was zoned for development by Rabin’s government. Since him, every prime minister has vowed to start the construction—and lied.

January 2011
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