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Shabak arrested a Palestinian terrorist cell which had murdered a woman. The terrorists also had carried out other attacks, which the police had previously insisted were household or criminal affairs.

Among other attacks, the Palestinians stabbed a young Jewish couple near Beit Shemesh a year ago. At the time, police claimed the attack was motivated by a lover’s jealousy. The Arabs also carried out multiple rapes, which the police always classify as criminal acts despite the fact that Arabs only rape Jewish women and not their own, which shows that they mean the rapes as acts of terrorism.

Again, an ultra-left film on Israel has been shortlisted for the Best Documentary Oscar. This time it is Strangers no More, a documentary about a school in the slums of South Tel Aviv which shows the happy coexistence of pauperized Sephardi Jews, some very dubious Jews from Ethiopia, and illegal African migrants. Instead of showing the great difficulty of the situation, the movie presents a fake solution: let them all integrate, and who cares about the Jewish state.

Protests in CairoAs protests rage through Egypt, Mubarak’s regime is saved by the absence of Muslim Brotherhood, which has so far discouraged their supporters from participating in the riots. There are a few possible reasons for their neutrality:

- the Brotherhood does not want to suffer major reprisals by Mubarak now, while it is gearing itself up for a confrontation with his successor, who will presumably be much weaker.
- Mubarak offered significant concessions to Iran in return for the ayatollahs’ taming the Muslim Brotherhood. Iranian influence over the Brotherhood is limited, though.
- the Brotherhood wants a clear victory, one it does not have to share with secular opposition groups.

It’s an interesting world where Egypt’s fate, and consequently the stability of the region, depends on the choice of one man, Hosni Mubarak, to crush the riots or give in to the demands for democratization.

The White House’s madness is mind-boggling. Instead of coming out squarely in support of Mubarak, America’s only heavyweight Muslim ally, Obama’s administration has urged him publicly to consider the will of his people and proceed with democratic reforms—exactly the type of reforms which, made on American urging, brought Hamas and Hezbollah to power. Curiously, Obama did not extend that much support to the Iranian protesters who defied Ahmadinejad’s elections last year. As usual, the United States government treats its enemies better than its friends.

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