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Mahmud AbbasWikiLeaked Palestinian documents confirm that Fatah agreed to let Jewish settlers settle Palestine. That is, they would remain in their villages under Palestinian jurisdiction. As we expected, the Israeli government discussed this matter seriously because it is unable to evict so many Jews. So the government in Israel lacks the power to make peace.

And its counterpart in the West Bank lacks the will to make peace. According to the leaked cables, the Palestinians refused to let Israel keep Maaleh Adumim and Ariel, two relatively large towns in the West Bank. No Israeli party, even Meretz, is willing to accept losing them.

The documents show that the Fatah government collaborated with Israel mainly in assassinating its own terrorists, but did not go against Hamas. Israel acknowledged that situation and did not press Fatah to fight Hamas.

In publishing the PaliGate papers, Al Jazeera bet correctly that Palestinian Arabs would despise their government for cooperating with Israel on security matters and relinquishing the most radical Palestinian demands, including the right of return and the right to the Temple Mount. It follows that the vast majority of Palestinians do not support the peace process on terms acceptable to Jews.

Al Jazeera has finished killing the Palestinian government, which may or may not survive the series of damning revelations regarding its cooperation with Israel on security matters and refugees’ return. Not that the revelations are surprising, but coming from a respected TV channel they become more important than when they were trumpeted by rival Hamas.

The question is, if Israel so badly needs the Fatah government that our soldiers defend it from Hamas, why wasn’t the WikiLeaks editor liquidated to stop the publication of these revelations? Why is his life more important than the lives of Jewish soldiers and their Hamas targets?

January 2011
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