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Nurses have become the latest labor group to threaten a general strike unless the government approves wage hikes. The nurses say they will stop seeing patients above the minimal capacity number, and to hell with the hippocratic oath.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry’s trade union intensified its sanctions (!) against the government over a labor dispute. Israel subsequently missed the opportunity to host a UN conference.

A government that trades hundreds of terrorists for a few corpses would surely give in to a trade union racket.

Just before the latest round of worthless talks with the West, Iran’s UN rep demanded that his country be recognized as a major power with nuclear capability.

So, what is there to talk about?

Yoav GalantMedia are howling over the approval of Yoav Galant for the IDF’s chief of staff.

Though we have our own reservations about Galant’s appointment, our reasons are completely different. Media bosses are concerned that Galant would not care in the least about their opinion. He even disregarded an order to vacate a small parcel of public land which he had illegally attached to his house. He did not hesitate to similarly acquire a few acres of agricultural land. And so the media labeled him a Wild West cowboy.

Well, that’s exactly the type of personality we need for the Chief of Staff.

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