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The Security Service arrested Uri Bar-Am for uploading a video which calls for the assassination of a deputy state prosecutor, a notorious ultra-leftist and a hater of the Israeli nationalist camp. Bar-Am admitted to his ‘crime,’ shed tears, and cooperated with Shin Bet.

In recent weeks, our site has been inundated with an unusually high volume of ugly comments calling for the murder of Arabs and Israeli leftists. The commenters invariably used IP proxies. Those have all been deleted, but they are too reminiscent the of Bar-Am affair. Shin Bet’s Jewish Section tries to create a case of incitement to murder.

Bar-Am claimed to be a National Union Party activist, which he is not. Anyone would be stupid to upload a murderous video from his house instead of a public wifi connection away from street cameras.

The story smells especially bad since the prosecution is never concerned with calls by ultra-leftists to murder religious Jews. Such threats were commonplace during Gush Katif eviction, and just a week ago, right-wing MK Katz was similarly threatened.

A Pechter poll in East Jerusalem shows that 35% of Arabs want Israeli citizenship. That leaves us with 100,000 more Arab citizens if we divide the capital with our Palestinian enemy.

But more importantly, it is only 35%. East Jerusalem Arabs should have the strongest incentive to want Israeli citizenship: their choice is between good employment and health service in Israel and a much worse life in Palestine. Even in such circumstances, two-thirds of them prefer Palestine. Israeli Arab citizens, who do not face a realistic risk of deportation to Palestine, can afford still more radicalism, and so fewer than 35% of them are loyal to Israel.

January 2011
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