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Netanyahu defended the Likud ministers accused by Lieberman of betraying national interests. The allegedly right-wing ministers in question opposed the establishment of a Knesset commission of inquiry into the sources of funding of ultra-left NGOs.

Everyone knows those sources: the EU and George Soros, for the most part. There is no legal basis for barring those income sources, and no legal way to control the laundering of these funds through Israeli organizations before they are donated to NGOs. As for EU involvement in Israeli domestic affairs, it is so blatant that NGO financing is the least intrusive aspect of it.

Religious community is melting awayThe Geocartography Research poll show that 39% of haredim would be willing to live in non-religious communities. Since it would be rather difficult for them to continue their ultra-Orthodox observance in less religious areas, they are really expressing a preference for reducing the standards of religious observance.

The Jewish communities of two hundred years ago were no less observant than modern haredim, and they opened up and assimilated. It is inconceivable that haredim would defy the process which swallowed Jewish and Christian religious communities the world over. In the era of mass media and global transportation, closed communities open themselves.

The assimilation of haredi communities means the breaking of Israel’s demographic backbone. Among atheistic Jews, the birth rate hardly breaks even.

As usual, IAF bombed a couple of Iranian-engineered tunnels in Gaza in response to terrorist attacks. A saber-rattling IDF spokesman reiterated our fake readiness to counter the terror, saying that the Israeli government will hold Hamas responsible for any attacks from Gaza.

But why? We do not bomb the PA headquarters in response to the many terrorist attacks that come from the West Bank. Hamas does its utmost to prevent other terrorist groups from attacking Israel. But instead of helping Hamas to do away with PRC, PLFP, and the Salafists—just aswe help Fatah in the West Bank—Israel pounds Hamas’ infrastructure.

Generals are said always to fight the previous war, and this is very true in our case. Hamas long ago evolved from a bunch of terrorists into a political organization which can provide Israel with a real, stable, long-term truce—unlike Fatah, with whom our corrupt leaders are so enamored.

January 2011
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