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IDF soldierIn the current round of escalation in Gaza, IDF sustained more casualties from friendly fire than from terrorists. This is not unlike the situation in the Cast Lead. There are more wounded on the Israeli side than among our Arab enemies.

Though every case can be explained away by technical malfunction or human error, they are a part of a trend which has a clear origin: the restraint the army shows toward its enemies. Fighting in close areas instead of deploying firepower appropriately unavoidably endangers our own troops. Sending soldiers against lone terrorists instead of bombing their headquarters also endangers our troops unnecessarily, and fails to produce appropriate results.

The situation smells not of the fog of war, but more of chaos, which will be multiplied greatly if IDF has to enter Lebanon again. When media praise Chief of Staff Ashkenazi for rebuilding the army, we are justified in asking who has seen those changes? Beyond the excellent bombing campaign of Gaza in the opening minutes of the Cast Lead, that war was a failure. Ashkenazi’s only proven success is his push to abandon the Golan Heights to Syria in the hope that Assad will part with the ayatollahs. And the current level of friendly-fire casualties in Gaza suggests that IDF training is not what it is purported to be.

The EU instructed 25 of its Consuls General in Israel to step up their pro-Palestinian activism. They have to be present at the demolitions of illegal houses—which, in practice, means encouraging Arab mobs to attack Jewish municipal workers. Diplomats also have to attend court hearing on demolitions, a transparent attempt to influence the already left-leaning judges.

January 2011
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