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Obama called the shooting in Arizona, possibly aimed at a senator of Jewish origin, ‘an unspeakable tragedy.’ While a terrorist act which left 24 victims is certainly a tragedy, let’s look at the context. We do not recall such strong words from US presidents even following much deadlier terrorist attacks in Israel. The White House always subscribed to Peres’ doctrine that they were ‘victims of peace process.’ This view holds that terrorist acts in Israel are an unavoidable price to pay for a piece of paper with an Arab signature on it.

Senator Gabrielle Giffords

Train in IsraelA few days after a labor strike in the Israeli Foreign Ministry led to the cancellation of a visit by the Russian president, unionized employees of Israeli Railways tried to duplicate their success. They promised a partial strike to paralyze the country’s transportation system, a threat which was temporarily suspended today as management indicated its readiness to make concessions.

Meanwhile, two Israeli corvettes were stuck in the Suez because Israeli Embassy staff refused to process their paperwork.

We are not living in a nineteenth-century economy anymore, where factories were few and landless peasants many, the imbalance giving employers unreasonable bargaining power over workers. The classifieds sections of our newspapers are full of job offers. Even foreign illegals are offered decent pay and free health services, and unionized workers are certainly not suffering to the extent that anti-cartel provisions of the law should be lifted for them in order to allow trade unions to extort changes in labor contracts.

Four people in Israel have been wounded by artillery fire from Gaza. An armed Arab terrorist has been shot dead at an IDF checkpoint near Tubas village in Samaria. Arabs tried to lynch the residents of a Jewish house in Silwan, Jerusalem. Dozens of Arabs attacked Israeli Border Police at a Silwan checkpoint.

It looks like a peace agreement with them is around the corner.

January 2011
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