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In response to Hamas’ criticism of the arrest of scores of Hamas activists by Fatah forces, the PA claimed to be holding the Hamas members in order to protect them from Israel. Though not true in this case, this is a long-standing tactic: with rare exceptions, IDF does not attack Fatah jails for fear that such a confrontation would jeopardize the peace process. So Fatah sends its fugitives to jail, where they are free to come and go.

What is important is the reason that Fatah resorted to such a transparent excuse in this case. It is because even the relatively affluent West Bank Arabs support Hamas and do not condone Fatah’s arrests of its members. And that is our ‘peace partner.’

Iran announced a 25-lb increase in its stock of 20% enriched uranium, compared to October figures. A hundred lbs is enough HEU for Iran to make a bomb or two. This makes nonsense of official estimates that Iran encountered insurmountable obstacles from Stuxnet.

Note the differences among Iran’s, Pakistan’s, India’s, and North Korea’s nuclear quests: Iran is the only country to brag about its nuclear successes. Like Nazis and communists, the ayatollahs are greatly afraid of retaliation, and carefully test the waters before taking each new step. International complacency provokes them to do more. After acquiring nuclear weapons, they will proceed to similarly bully the West for diplomatic concessions until Iran becomes an empire.

After having failed at his only project, befriending Latin America, Lieberman has harmed Israeli relations with Turkey. The Foreign Ministry refused to prolong the visas of 800 Turks working in Israel on a joint project to upgrade Turkish tanks. Their employer is a major opponent of Erdogan.

January 2011
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