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A 2006 cable complains to the US State Department that a number of large American companies, including Coca-Cola, have been massively overcharged at Karni Crossing with Gaza. They had to pay a $3,000 per-truckload processing fee, thirty times the normal rate.

While most crossing are managed by the IDF, Karni is the only crossing managed by the Israeli Airports Authority. Now imagine how much the IAA overcharges us in Ben Gurion airport.

Muqtada al SadrMuqtada al Sadr, the arch-rival of both Saddam and the Americans, has returned to Iraq. Hunted by US troops for heading Iraq’s leading terrorist group, which has killed thousands of civilians, Muqtada spent four years in Iran. Now the fundamentalist cleric and wholesale murderer feels safe enough to surface in Iraq as the leader of a major political party represented in the Iraqi government.

Years ago, we were the only voice on the right arguing against the American invasion of Iraq. Muqtada’s return officially marks the point of American loss in Iraq. Since he is the ayatollahs’ puppet, this also means an Iranian victory in Iraq. Instead of stemming Iran’s imperial ambitions, Obama has apparently agreed to its virtual takeover of Iraq as the only way to preserve some sort of stability there.

A scandal rages over the distribution of profits from the Leviathan gas field, which has not yet been wrested from Lebanon and its UN allies.

The corporate concessioner wants the state to receive a mere 30%, while the government commission suggested 52-62%, a significant decrease from the same commission’s previous estimates. The figure is entirely arbitrary, as can be seen from the ten percent range. It boils down to what is a reasonable profit for the company. The government’s offer leaves the entrepreneurs with a not-unreasonable 20 billion dollars.

Large countries sell concessions for oil and gas exploration because their governments cannot drill everywhere. Israel is so small that oil and gas drilling can be done by the government.

Israel will go through major diplomatic and possibly military troubles over the gas field in order to pass billions dollars to foreign investors.

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