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Jerusalem court fined seven fans of the Beitar soccer team about a thousand dollars each for yelling racist comments at Arabs.

Now, that’s a great idea. If we take a typical Arab demonstration where 20,000 of them scream, ‘Slaughter the Jews,’ the Jewish state can pocket $20 million from each riot. And since the riots occur pretty often, we’re talking billions of dollars in fines.

If, that is, the courts would hold Arabs to the same standard as Jews.


The Lebanese government filed a complaint with the UN accusing Israel of violating Lebanese maritime rights for the Leviathan gas field. Since Israel’s border with Lebanon is not officially set, Lebanon has a meaningful claim on the field. Now Hezbollah has to claim a few former Shiite villages in the vicinity of Haifa in order to get a share in the gas field.

And why shouldn’t they? Jews gave copper and uranium mines to Jordan, oil and uranium to Egypt, and a gas field to Gaza, so why not give a gas field to Lebanon?

Leviathan natural gas field rig

Haredi Jew in a busThe Supreme Court announced its verdict on the petition by Religious Action Center on gender segregation in buses. The Reform outfit petitioned the court to ban gender segregation on bus lines which service Jewish religious neighborhoods. Ultra-left atheist judges ruled on one of the most contentious issues of Judaic ethics and predictably struck down the segregation.

Though we might dislike the haredi habit of segregating buses, there is a strong rationale for it: on crowded buses, men and women unavoidably rub against each other. The court supposedly made a concession to haredi Jews by allowing voluntary segregation. That won’t work: haredi women won’t be able to ride on buses where men voluntarily enter the female section, and haredi men cannot board buses on which less conservative women would enter through the front door and rub against them. In practice, haredim will switch to private bus lines.

The Reformists have vowed to load a thousand volunteers onto haredi buses to ignore segregation and make the bus ride as inconvenient as possible for religious Jews.

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