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An Arab driver kidnapped and raped a young Jewish hitchhiker from Tzfat.

Leftists who oppose the rabbinical call to evict Arabs from Tzfat bear the guilt for this crime.

Forty-eight MKs, including even some from Kadima, condemned Israeli construction companies which stipulated against purchasing goods made in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. This stipulation was the PA’s condition for granting them building concessions in Rawabi, a new Palestinian town.

The contractors’ behavior is certainly unethical, but look at the context. Their obligation to the PA is merely symbolic, and unenforceable. The Knesset did not condemn Israeli performers who similarly agreed to boycott West Bank Jewish towns.

Since the government approved the building of Rawabi, an exemplary Palestinian town in the heart of the Land of Israel, the MKs have no moral authority to criticize the contractors.

Ehud BarakThe mayor of Ariel, a West Bank town which is expected to remain in Israel under any peace agreement, lashed out at the Defense Minister for imposing a de facto construction freeze. Not a single building project has been approved in the three months since the previous moratorium expired.

In his capacity as defense minister, Barak conducts a settlement policy independent from Netanyahu. The prime minister may refuse a new moratorium, but the defense minister simply refuses new construction approvals.

Apparently, Barak had this authority in mind when he promised the White House a settlement freeze regardless of Netanyahu’s wishes. By refusing a de jure freeze, we got no benefits from the Americans, yet still ended up with the freeze.

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