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Kurdish flagIsrael has quietly cooperated with Kurdish rebels for decades. We are essential to them as their only source of military expertise and an important source of weapons, and we need them for clandestine activities in Iran.

Now that the Iraqi government is impotent and Kurdish leaders have proclaimed their right to autonomy, if not secession, Israel must come out into the open. There are many pros and no cons.

Israeli support for the Kurds is our best threat to Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, which have large Kurdish minorities.
Kurdistan, with its mammoth oil reserves, will be one of the richest nations on earth, and a viable partner for Israel.
Kurds are by far the most civilized Muslims, and cooperation with them is an excellent way for Israel to break Muslim unity against us.
Helping the Kurds to break up Iraq would also be a good way to snub Obama.

The Kurds have a large standing army, which has won many battles against the Iraqis. We can help them win. We can stem Iraqi retaliation against them by promising direct involvement on their behalf. We can pressure the United States to recognize their independence.

Kurdistan is a historic opportunity for Israel, and it would be a crime to miss it.

Channel 2 played the tapes recorded by ‘Aleph,’ who accused Moshe Katsav of rape. Her story was not included in his indictment, but is nonetheless instructive.

On the tapes, Aleph asks the president for $200,000 in compensation. Her friend speaks to Katsav about a photo of her the president keeps in his drawer. In the photo, Aleph is half-naked, which suggests a consensual relationship.

Halacha is straightforward: a woman who could have called for help but did not is an adulterer.

WikiLeaks published a few pieces of evidence which, though not new, indicate how the IDF top brass neglect their country.

Yoav Galant, the Cast Lead commander, told a US senator that he could have finished the war in Gaza in three days instead of three weeks by entering urban areas. But afraid of inflicting collateral damage on Hamas voters, IDF Staff approved a protracted, extremely expensive, and ultimately ineffective strategy which avoided engagement with civilians and terrorists.

IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi told US senators that Iranian ballistic missiles can reach Israel in ten minutes. True, but shouldn’t we add that Israeli ABM defenses are not set up to react on such short notice?

January 2011
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