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Moshe KatsavThe court’s decision to convict former president Moshe Katsav of rape and sexual harassment is insane.

Whether he is guilty or not, the president should not have been prosecuted. Jew-haters from around the world won’t be impressed by the alleged impartiality of Israeli justice. Rather, the trial will reinforce negative attitudes toward Jews.

According to the court, Katsav’s testimony was ‘riddled with lies.’ Of course. He did not lead an exemplary family life, and naturally had a thing or two to hide. That does not make him a rapist. And on the other hand, who can believe the story of a woman who complains of rape years after the event, and who continued working for Katsav after the alleged rape?

The main argument in favor of Katsav’s innocence is his rejection of a plea bargain.

Faced with the politically incorrect option of sending a president to jail for years, the Supreme Court may quash the verdict.

Overall, the case is about judges establishing their control over politicians. Who can resist the leftist establishment, spearheaded by courts, when they can throw him in jail on spurious charges?

Moshe Yaalon, the happy owner of a sinecure as “Minister of Strategic Planning,’ announced that the Iranian nuclear program has suffered setbacks which will take three years for the Iranians to resolve.

Oh really? The Iranians have obtained nuclear know-how from Pakistan and North Korea, and there are no unanswered questions left.

Moshe Yaalon

December 2010
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