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US uninsured: a fake scareLeftist media are making a great deal of noise over the Kaiser Foundation report, which puts the number of uninsured Americans at 50 million.

The truth is different. According to the report, 19% of non-elderly Americans are uninsured. But that figure misses the point: most medical expenses by far go to elderly people, so the data for younger people is largely irrelevant.

Even among younger Americans, the uninsured make up 16% of native citizens and 49% of non-citizens. The 16% figure corresponds to similar figure in the Health Status table: 16% of the uninsured are in excellent health. Naturally, native citizens in excellent health don’t bother buying health insurance.

The uninsured ratio is still lower among children: only 10% of children are uninsured, most of them presumably non-citizens. The greatest number of uninsured among all age groups is those aged 1925. This is the healthiest group, which does not want insurance. Among working families, only 8% are uninsured, and the number would be still lower if we were to discount Hispanics, a whopping 34% of whom are uninsured.

For responsible adults, the health insurance situation can only be described as excellent.

According to a Hebrew University poll, 27% of Jews oppose the loyalty oath. Presumably, not because it is just silly.

Among the encouraging figures, 44% support the halachic ban on renting apartments to Arabs, and 40% support the town’s right to bar Arabs altogether.

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