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Islamic militants attacked five security points at Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan in an unusually large and well-coordinated assault.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber killed fifty and wounded dozens at the Word Food Program distribution center in Pakistan.

This is a country with fifty nuclear bombs and extensive know-how for their production.

Ecuador has followed other Latin American countries and awarded full diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian state in its 1967 borders.

This is actually good for Jews: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being redefined from a war between colonizers and aborigines—the later to be caressed and protected—into a quarrel between two states over an arcane border dispute. With Palestinian independence proclaimed, the mission can be over for leftists who find it hard to argue in favor of a state.

Funny enough, Ecuador recognized Palestine in its 1967 borders without specifying whether it recognizes the pre-June 4 or post-June 4 line.

The Israeli government has deported 150 African illegals and begun the ‘repatriation’ of 8,000 Falash Mura: black Christians from Ethiopia who claim Jewish descent.

It is unbelievable: Israeli universities have hundreds world-class researchers of the history of religion, yet no one stands up to tell the government that Flash Mura beliefs are a classic case of Eastern Christian ultra-Orthodoxy, not Judaism.

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