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Hassan NasrallahIDF conducted large-scale exercises. The army simulated an invasion of Lebanon in response to a Hezbollah terrorist attack, which indeed Hezbollah has promised if Israel attacks Iran in response to Iran’s nuclear program.

Frightening Hezbollah out of attacking Israel would be a stupid reason for the exercises: maneuvers or no maneuvers, Hezbollah knows that Israel can easily defeat it. The terrorist group is transforming itself into a political force, and would not be eager to provoke Israeli reprisals against Lebanese voters.

IDF’s goal in the exercises was probably to force Hezbollah to expose its bunkers, which it actually did with the help of Iranian engineers who came immediately after the maneuvers to inspect Hezbollah’s defenses, as Debka reported.

The Iranians were guarded by Lebanese Army units. Such close cooperation between the US-funded Lebanese army and Iran is to be expected since Hariri surrendered to the ayatollahs.

Soon after Orly Innes accused would-be Israeli police chief Bar-Lev of sexual harassment, police released a scathing report on her pet program, “City without violence.” Innes squandered tens of millions of shekels on cameras, which only prompted criminals to move into darker areas. Her program did not have a noticeable effect on the crime rate.

But the question remains, why did the police finance such an obviously useless project for years while starving alternative community improvement schemes?

Arabs killed a security guard in the Galilee. Those who thought that we could solve the Arab problem by abandoning the West Bank should consider Galilee: a core Israeli land with an Arab majority.

December 2010
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