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Conservative Jews held a rally at a south Tel Aviv market to protest African encroachment on the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

African illegals do not pay taxes. They receive medical services free. They live 7–10 people in one apartment. Accordingly, they can pay premium prices to landlords, always in cash. So landlords prefer Africans to Jews, and apartments for Jews become scarce in the slums.

Africans bring serious crime and health problems into their neighborhoods. The Health Ministry reports that 17% of HIV carriers and 13% of TB cases are among immigrants, mostly Africans.

What conceivable reason could there be not to deport them to UNRWA camps in Gaza?

Jerusalem police have banned Rabbi Elboith of the Movement to Build the Third Temple from entering the Temple Mount. The rabbi—oh, what a great crime—offered $15 a day to religious Jews willing to study at the Mount.

After Israeli strikeFor the first time in two years, IAF bombed real targets in Gaza. Previously, IAF had only attacked worthless targets such as empty shacks and tunnels.

Netanyahu either aims to start a new war and force Hamas to sign peace papers with Fatah, or he wants a war in Gaza to distract the public from his failure to attack Iran.

December 2010
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