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About 200 conservative Jews demonstrated in Bat Yam against Arab peaceful takeover of the city. Just as in Lod, Acre, Yaffo and many other places, Arabs breed on the state subsidies, rent apartments in Jewish neighborhoods, drive the Jews out through mugging, and turn the entire districts virtually free of Jews.

Arabs do not serve in the army, have plenty of free time. They do not pay taxes, and have spare cash. They speak perfect Hebrew and prey on Jewish girls in the neighborhoods.

Besides slamming the activists, the government does not offer a solution to Arab occupation of Israel through babies, not bullets.

Bat Yam rally

The Palestinian PM renounced his own efforts to prepare Palestine for statehood in two years when he suddenly came out in the opposition to the PLO’s plan to proclaim statehood unilaterally. It looks like he conceded to Israeli pressure.

A proclamation of statehood is technically unnecessary. Soviet Russia never proclaimed its independence, but other countries gradually recognized it after the 1917 revolution. The PLO proclaimed its independence long ago. The issue is not even one of recognition: about a hundred countries have diplomatic relations with Palestine. At issue is Israeli control over the Palestinian territory, and Abbas does not really want Israel to abandon it because Hamas would take over.

Salam Fayyad

And the fear is that of prosecution.

In Givat Zeev near Jerusalem, three Arabs with knives attempted to kill a soldier. He pointed his weapon at them and allowed them to get back in their vehicle and flee the scene.

It was his duty to shoot the attackers, but he allowed them to escape and target another Jew. Had he shot them, the soldier would have faced a long investigation, and likely criminal charges.

When IDF started searching for the attackers, Arabs threw rocks and firebombs at the military vehicle.

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