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Olmert and AbbasDuring a press conference with the Israeli ultra-left, Abbas revealed the exact extent of his disagreements with Olmert’s plan. Israel’s PM wanted to retain 6.5 percent of the West Bank while Abbas agreed to 1.9 percent. The five consensus settlement blocs constitute 3.9 percent, so Abbas demanded unrealistically that they be dismantled.

In his usual hypocritical manner, Abu Mazen proclaimed that ‘peace is more important than settlements.’ Well, if so, let the settlements stay in order to achieve peace.

Among the attendees was Israeli Arab MK Majadle, who in the previous government was nominally responsible for secret military projects under the auspices of the Ministry of Science.

Netanyahu has proposed a cosmetic reform which would limit state funding to students of religious schools to five years. The bill would affect only about 10% of the students. Given the lynchpin position of religious parties in the government, there is no way for Netanyahu to cut the shameful subsidies, which allow many of the haredim to remain perpetually unemployed.

The reform was prompted by the High Court’s decision last June, which made it illegal for the state to treat religious students preferentially to secular ones. The court’s decision was absurd: if we call our state Jewish, then Torah studies are of course more important than politology, cosmetology, dietology, and similar courses taught in atheist universities.

And in any case Netanyahu is afraid to address the most pressing issue: state subsidies to Israeli Arabs, which are allowing our enemies to breed into a demographic majority.

The Iranian president called the recent talks over his nuclear program ‘very positive.’ If the talks are good for Ahmadinejad, imagine how bad they are for Israel.

Ahmadinejad was speaking to his nation, and Western analysts took his words out of context. He has to deliver good news, regardless of the reality. And the ‘cooperation’ he spoke of can only refer to the West stopping its meddling with Iran’s nuclear quest. At most, Iran can agree to swap some of its enriched uranium for fuel rods, which would allow it to produce plutonium from the rods and continue enriching more uranium to weapons grade.

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