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The state forced the rabbi of Tzfat and other prominent rabbis to water down their halachic ruling forbidding Jews to rent apartments to Arabs. Now the prohibition only stands where there is a security threat.

Of course everyone involved understands that every Arab in our midst is a security threat. Moreover, they do not belong here; they insult Jewish communities, drive Jews out of our neighborhoods, and above all are halachically barred from the Land of Israel as a ‘native nation.’

Human rights organizations have decried Israel’s repatriation of Africans back to Sudan. Not because the government spent public funds to bribe the criminals into returning to their home, but because the payment allegedly made their return less than voluntary. Talk about free market.

Hostilities officially ceased in Sudan long ago.

MK Ben-Ari strives to drive the lesson home to leftists. He collects donations to rent apartments in high-end North Tel Aviv residences to African illegals. Let the liberals enjoy the company of the illegals whom they dump into pauper neighborhoods so eagerly.

Nasrallah and AhmadinejadAccording to Israeli intelligence reports, Iran has cut its payments to Hezbollah by about 40%, possibly due to economic sanctions.

The terrorist group will have to take over the state in order to survive economically.

December 2010
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