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The Iranian President has dismissed his foreign minister and temporarily appointed Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator in his stead. This move clarifies that the negotiator, Ali Salehi, is Ahamedinejad’s personal representative rather than, as some had hoped, a messenger from the more moderate conservative establishment.

Conducting talks with Salehi is therefore tantamount to trying to convince Ahmadinejad to stop Iran’s nuclear program—a clearly futile task.

In the meantime, Jordan’s king has accepted Ahmadinejad’s invitation to visit Iran. This is a watershed event as Jordan was a loyal US ally, but chose to align itself with Iran. The Jordanian king is not the US messenger to Ahmadinejad, as that role is reserved for the Turkish PM. Surrounded by Syria and Iraq, two countries heavily influenced by Iran, the Jordanian king prefers to be wise rather than polite to the United States.

Ali Salehi

The Israeli government has flown some 200 African illegals back to Sudan. Last week, no fewer than 400 Africans infiltrated Israel from Egypt. We can hardly hope to deport all 60,000 of them.

The government paid the Africans to leave voluntarily. Gosh, we can pay our criminals, too. How about a monthly stipend while they refrain from criminal activity?

The Africans who come here should either be deported to UNRWA camps in Gaza or given a three-year labor permit with no minimum wage to replace the Arabs.

December 2010
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