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The New York Times reports on a 1973 tape on which Kissinger tells Nixon that the plight of Jews in the Soviet Union is not America’s concern. Kissinger’s remark was in response to a plea from Golda Meir.

Since 1968, Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League had been terrorizing Soviet interests in the United States to force the two governments to work out a scheme to release Soviet Jewry.

Borders issue: no answer from anyoneThe White House retracted its demand for a three-month settlement freeze, realizing that twenty F-35 jets is too high a price for another round of peace talks which would certainly fail.

At the same time, 26 prominent European politicians signed a petition to recognize the Palestinian state in an area equal to 100% of the territory ‘occupied’ in 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem. But this is something that Israelis have already agreed to and Palestinians have rejected for over a decade. The devil is in the details: what exactly is ‘East’ Jerusalem and what settlements would Israel preserve in exchange for strategically irrelevant land?

On those issues, a solution cannot be imposed: Israel in unlikely to uproot the settlement blocks, thus Palestine cannot be recognized in its 1967 borders, and only the parties themselves can agree to the specifics of the land swaps.

A private who stole a gun and a credit card from IDF’s Chief of Staff was sentenced to ten years. Arabs are typically sentenced to three years for stealing weapons.

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