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In response to the destruction of some 5 million trees in a fire started by Arabs, money is pouring into the Jewish National Fund to replenish the forest.

As Rabbi Kahane remarked, the Arabs burn our trees and Jews re-plant them instead of expelling the Arabs.

JNF is only too happy to spend more money, but artificial reforestation is unnecessary. In a few years, a new forest will grow on its own—a nice wild forest rather than JNF’s artificial forest, whose pines are planted in exact lines.

Israel has finished instructing the Russian military on the use of our UAVs. For a mere $53 million, the Russians received three types of Israeli UAV, 14 in total. So small a quantity of militarily irrelevant aircraft can only serve as samples for reverse engineering.

The Russians demanded knowledge about Israeli UAVs in return for refraining from the sale of S-300 to Iran. But we did not bomb Iran, so why the fuss about S-300?

By supplying UAVs to Russia, Israel lost its competitive edge in this field and received nothing in return.

On a separate note, if S-300 are so much in demand worldwide, why don’t we reengineer them?

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