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Wikileaks documents show that in 2008 the Saudi FM suggested a Saudi/American joint invasion of Lebanon to eradicate Hezbollah. American diplomats, a peaceful bunch, refused. Accordingly, Lebanon grew into a Hezbollah state.

Tel Aviv UniversityOECD rated Israel the 41st country in natural sciences exams among students. Though the Israeli index is weighed down by Arabs, the scores are low even among middle-class Jews.

Only 17 Israeli companies made it into the top 500 software companies, according to Software magazine. That’s only six times more than the ratio of Israeli Jews among the world’s ‘golden billion’ citizens. The ownership ratio is much higher among American Jews.

Socialist regulation and low-quality unionized education have doomed the Israeli economy

The White House spoke approvingly about the Saudi Arabian nuclear program. Supposedly, the world’s largest oil producer needs nuclear energy. It does not bother the US administration that the Saudi monarchy could collapse at any moment—like any monarchy—and nuclear technology will be in the hands of Wahhabites, some of the most extreme Muslim radicals.

Why the approval? Unlike Iran, which struggled to pay $2 billion to Russia for the Bushehr reactor, the Saudis have earmarked up to 700 billion dollars to be spent for American nuclear technology.

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