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Many commentators predict major Hezbollah riots if the Hariri tribunal finds the terrorist group guilty. We do not share that conviction.

Such riots would have been probable six months ago. But now the verdict is old news, and its effects are fully digested. The tribunal may also water down its decision. Syria has been warned sternly, and Iran has been placated by Hariri’s submission.

There will be no putsch in Lebanon following the Hariri verdict.

Israel’s PM has criticized a petition, signed by dozens of rabbis, to stop Jews from renting apartments to aliens. According to Bibi, Torah teaches us to love the stranger.

Rabbi Kahane called it the arrogance of ignorance. The Torah enjoins Jews to treat gerim justly. And gerim are not strangers at all, but converts. They must observe major commandments and behave publicly like Jews.

The rabbinical ruling is very strong, bordering on ordering excommunication for the people who bring Arabs into our communities. This revival of rabbinical patriotism is highly laudable.

The much-touted Western-Iranian conference in Geneva ended predictably; nothing happened. How could it be worse? Easily: the Chamberlain heirs agreed to reconvene somewhere next year, though Iran’s negotiator made it clear that he would not discuss even freezing his country’s nuclear program.

Iran’s negotiators are mere go-betweens; the ayatollahs make all the decisions. The negotiator’s refusal to discuss the freeze shows that the ayatollahs would accept no terms whatsoever.

And that they know they have a few more months to develop the bomb.

Iran's negotiator Saeed Jalili

December 2010
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