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Carmel fireThe PA is assisting Israel in fighting the Carmel fires. The Palestinians have sent several fire brigades into the Jewish state.

Palestinian firefighters will only protect Arab population centers in Galilee. Even during a humanitarian crisis, our Palestinian enemies are unwilling to extend help to Jews. Never mind that Israel gives them everything from electricity to money to free vaccine for their cattle during the swine flu.

We should not have accepted the Palestinians’ help, which only helps the PA to score points with Israeli Arabs. There are enough Arab firefighters in Israel; let them take care of their own villages.

Meanwhile, two Arabs from the Druze village of Daliat el Carmel were arrested for arson, and other Arabs from Gaza continued shelling Israeli population centers in the Negev.

Wikileaks confirmed the rumor that during his visit to Moscow Netanyahu presented a list of Russian scientists working on the Iranian nuclear program. The US Embassy cable describes the list as very long.

A question remains: If the Israeli government knew the names of these Russian scientists, why are we not assassinating their families in Russia to force them to return?

Arabs started a fire between Kiryat Tivon and Nophit. They also infiltrated the Jewish town of Kiryat Arba and set cars on fire. Another Arab arsonist was arrested in Kiryat Bialik’s industrial zone.

Soon after two Arabs were arrested for arson, the government realized that it would be inconvenient to blame the largest disaster in Israeli history on our peace partners.

And so it was announced that the fire started with a water pipe (hookah, shisha, nargileh) which some tourists smoked in the forest.

It is impossible to determine a forest fire’s origin so quickly. If such a huge fire had been started by tourists, police should have found their remains, which is not the case. Starting a forest fire with nargile coal is not that easy, and tourists would have been able to put down such a fire immediately.

December 2010
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