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Islamic militants attacked five security points at Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan in an unusually large and well-coordinated assault.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber killed fifty and wounded dozens at the Word Food Program distribution center in Pakistan.

This is a country with fifty nuclear bombs and extensive know-how for their production.

Ecuador has followed other Latin American countries and awarded full diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian state in its 1967 borders.

This is actually good for Jews: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being redefined from a war between colonizers and aborigines—the later to be caressed and protected—into a quarrel between two states over an arcane border dispute. With Palestinian independence proclaimed, the mission can be over for leftists who find it hard to argue in favor of a state.

Funny enough, Ecuador recognized Palestine in its 1967 borders without specifying whether it recognizes the pre-June 4 or post-June 4 line.

The Israeli government has deported 150 African illegals and begun the ‘repatriation’ of 8,000 Falash Mura: black Christians from Ethiopia who claim Jewish descent.

It is unbelievable: Israeli universities have hundreds world-class researchers of the history of religion, yet no one stands up to tell the government that Flash Mura beliefs are a classic case of Eastern Christian ultra-Orthodoxy, not Judaism.

Ben-Eliezer, a Minister of Labor whose main connection with Israel is using an Israeli airport to fly each weekend to Greece, called on the government to do everything possible to continue the peace dialogue with the Palestinians.

A normal government would have done everything possible to press the Palestinians into clinging to the dialogue with Israel.

Binyamin Ben-Eliezer

Beit YehonatanJerusalem’s mayor feigned objectivity: while expelling Jews from Beit Yehonatan in Silwan, he would also expel Arabs from their illegal buildings.

Which recalls an old joke about sausages made equally of horses and quails: one horse for one quail. Jews have about six ‘illegal’ buildings in Silwan, and the evacuation of a single one means a 17% eviction rate. Arabs have thousands of illegal buildings there, and the evacuation of a single one won’t even be noticed.

Raed Salah, a firebrand Muslim leader in Israel, openly called on the Bedouins to fight for the land in Rahat.

Israeli authorities are afraid to touch him.

Raed Salah

WikiLeaks published a 2007 cable which reveals that Tzipi Livni does not believe in peace with the Palestinians.

The peace process, we recall, was the central platform of her electoral campaign.

Tzipi Livni

Tarik Hassan, an alleged Israeli spy arrested in Egypt, gave information which led Syria to arrest and execute a chemist in its nuclear program.

Egypt is at odds with Syria on many matters, but when it comes to countering Israel, our peace partner and our three-thousand-year enemy are very much alike.

The Egyptians were rightly irritated by Israel’s wiretapping of the phones of their highest officials, and could have passed the information to Syria as a lone act of retaliation.

Police ran over a female IDF soldier, mistaking her for a terrorist.

Arabs look like Jews, dress like Jews, and speak Hebrew better than many Jews. More than a few times, Arabs camouflaged as Jewish soldiers have staged terrorist attacks. What is the solution, short of expelling them?

US uninsured: a fake scareLeftist media are making a great deal of noise over the Kaiser Foundation report, which puts the number of uninsured Americans at 50 million.

The truth is different. According to the report, 19% of non-elderly Americans are uninsured. But that figure misses the point: most medical expenses by far go to elderly people, so the data for younger people is largely irrelevant.

Even among younger Americans, the uninsured make up 16% of native citizens and 49% of non-citizens. The 16% figure corresponds to similar figure in the Health Status table: 16% of the uninsured are in excellent health. Naturally, native citizens in excellent health don’t bother buying health insurance.

The uninsured ratio is still lower among children: only 10% of children are uninsured, most of them presumably non-citizens. The greatest number of uninsured among all age groups is those aged 19–25. This is the healthiest group, which does not want insurance. Among working families, only 8% are uninsured, and the number would be still lower if we were to discount Hispanics, a whopping 34% of whom are uninsured.

For responsible adults, the health insurance situation can only be described as excellent.

According to a Hebrew University poll, 27% of Jews oppose the loyalty oath. Presumably, not because it is just silly.

Among the encouraging figures, 44% support the halachic ban on renting apartments to Arabs, and 40% support the town’s right to bar Arabs altogether.

The Defense Minister, free of the responsibility to attack Iran or clear Hamas from Gaza, took time to criticize a letter signed by twenty-seven rabbis’ wives, warning Jewish girls to stay away from Arab men.

The Israeli Council of Progressive Rabbis (a Reform outfit) also slammed the letter.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate is 2.8 among Jews and 3.7 among Arabs.
Jewish population growth is declining steadily, and has now returned to the level of the 1980s. Thus the demographic effect of aliyah is lost in the long term.

Moshe KatsavThe court’s decision to convict former president Moshe Katsav of rape and sexual harassment is insane.

Whether he is guilty or not, the president should not have been prosecuted. Jew-haters from around the world won’t be impressed by the alleged impartiality of Israeli justice. Rather, the trial will reinforce negative attitudes toward Jews.

According to the court, Katsav’s testimony was ‘riddled with lies.’ Of course. He did not lead an exemplary family life, and naturally had a thing or two to hide. That does not make him a rapist. And on the other hand, who can believe the story of a woman who complains of rape years after the event, and who continued working for Katsav after the alleged rape?

The main argument in favor of Katsav’s innocence is his rejection of a plea bargain.

Faced with the politically incorrect option of sending a president to jail for years, the Supreme Court may quash the verdict.

Overall, the case is about judges establishing their control over politicians. Who can resist the leftist establishment, spearheaded by courts, when they can throw him in jail on spurious charges?

Moshe Yaalon, the happy owner of a sinecure as “Minister of Strategic Planning,’ announced that the Iranian nuclear program has suffered setbacks which will take three years for the Iranians to resolve.

Oh really? The Iranians have obtained nuclear know-how from Pakistan and North Korea, and there are no unanswered questions left.

Moshe Yaalon

Palestinians fired shots at a Jewish shepherd in Samaria, but failed to injure him. This is almost not news.

But imagine the outcry if Jews had fired at a poor Palestinian shepherd.

Paz energy company of Israel signed a new two-year contract with the PA giving it exclusive rights to supply gasoline to the Palestinian-occupied territories.

Such exclusivity is naturally conditioned on bribes to leading Fatah terrorists.


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