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The government will vote today on the construction of a camp for African illegals in the Negev.

The Africans will live there for years, receiving pocket money, first-class medical treatment, and food from humane Jews. Too many Jewish charities will rush in to educate the Africans, and soon ultra-leftists will point to African children speaking Hebrew in fake IDF uniforms to prove that they must be allowed into our country as good citizens.

The facility will hold a mere 8,000 Africans, some 20% of the total number.

The Africans crossed into Israel to work for food. The government now offers them a better option: to get food without working.

WikileaksWikileaks is set to release US State Department internal documents that contain rather frank opinions about Israeli leaders and politics.

The State Department is engaged in damage control. They are frantically calling the Israelis mentioned in those cables to express their regrets.
The problem is not in the turns of speech; frank discussion should not be a taboo. Rather, the cables express the State Department’s real attitudes toward Israel and Jews, which as we know are far from palatable.

Nothing will change, and Israeli politicians will swallow the insults. Many similar leaks have surfaced over the years, including ugly remarks by American presidents about Israeli PM’s, mostly Shamir and Netanyahu.

The Fatah Revolutionary Council ended its convention in Ramallah with a refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. That is, the Palestinians refuse to abandon the ‘right of return.’

It is mind-boggling that a conference of Israel’s enemies takes place a few miles from government buildings in Jerusalem, with IDF stationed in the vicinity, and Israeli citizens are forced to support the Fatah via tax transfers.

What country’s leader who was not an overt traitor would have missed the chance to bomb them all while they assembled conveniently in our gunsights?

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