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A couple of days after US Defense Secretary Gates rebuffed Netanyahu’s calls for an attack on Iran, saying that political pressure on ayatollahs would bear fruit, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that the proposed talks would not include a nuclear fuel swap.

That is, the Iranian position on nukes has become even more extreme since last year, when fuel-swap talks were broken off over technicalities. So much for Obama’s pressure on the ayatollahs.

Milton Balkany, an elderly rabbi from Brooklyn, was convicted of fraud and extortion. He tried to trick the Jewish owner of SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund into donating $4 million to two religious schools.

Instead of feeling compassion for the rabbi, who was forced by circumstances to resort to such drastic measures to save his yeshiva, the scoundrel hedge fund manager denounced him to the authorities.

Milton Balkany

Kissinger and Rabin in 1975Bibi asked Dr.Kissinger for advice on achieving a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

But what exactly is Kissinger’s experience? About the only thing that he actually did was to force Rabin to disengage from Sinai. Despite IDF’s vehement opposition, Kissinger convinced Rabin to withdraw Israeli forces to the Mitla and Gidi passes. That extremely dangerous move exposed Sinai to a quick invasion by the Egyptians. On the other hand, it also allowed a period of ceasefire with a huge buffer zone and no confrontations. That border quiet eventually built sufficient trust between Begin and Sadat for them to sign the peace treaty.

Kissinger’s situation was completely different: Rabin was extremely eager to achieve peace with Egypt, a real and strong enemy. No similar desire exists for peace with weak the Palestinians. Rabin gave away a buffer zone hundreds of miles from Israeli population centers; Netanyahu will be ceding  historical Jewish land a few miles from our major cities.

If there is one lesson Netanyahu should take from Kissinger, it is this: asked what final borders he envisages for Israel in return for non-belligerence with the Arabs, Kissinger replied that he only hopes he won’t be around by that time.

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