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The Anti-Defamation League lashed out against Tzfat rabbis who bar Jews from renting apartments to Arabs.

The rabbis addressed the very real problem of Arab encroachment: after the Arabs rent an apartment, they usually harass their Jewish neighbors until the neighbors are forced to move out. Tzfat, the cradle of Jewish learning and a place of repeated pogroms, is thus falling to the Arabs in perfectly democratic fashion.


The Attorney General’s office has renewed its investigation of the Defense Minister’s family over their hiring of an illegal alien as a housemaid.

The allegations are absurd on the background of the 300,000 illegals, mostly Arab enemies, who are working in Israel at any given time. The AG ignored much graver offenses by Ehud Barak, including the high crime of negotiating with our  enemies a giveaway of Israeli land in the Golan Heights area.

The Lithuanian parliament has tabled a bill which would pay $52 million in restitution for the property of Jewish Holocaust victims.

We can understand why Israel accepted property compensation from Germany: although a minuscule part of the actually confiscated property, the amount was important for Israel’s survival in her early years. But why take such a minuscule amount from one of the most anti-Semitic nations on earth, and allow the Lithuanians to close that chapter in their history?

On other hand, the governments of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, which profited vastly from the annihilation of Jews, refuse to offer any compensation.

November 2010
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