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In the United States, the legal system abounds with such remnants from America’s Wild West days. Two centuries later, the Knesset has passed a similar law, which bans driving on beaches.

Absurdly, the law’s author cited ecological reasons for it: somehow, cars damage the sand. The law is utterly unenforceable given the length of Israel’s deserted beaches. And there is no legal cure for the cowboy mentality.

Old car on a beach

After yet another skirmish between North and South Korea, the United States sent an aircraft carrier for joint exercises with the South Koreans.

As Rabbi Meir Kahane used to say, a Jewish fist must be attached to a Jewish head, and the same applies to Americans. After Clinton, Bush, and Obama all refrained from bombing North Korea’s nuclear facilities, there is no way that America would attack the communists in response to whatever provocation—and the communists understand that.

The United States commonly moves its aircraft carriers to the shores of Iran and North Korea, which saber-rattling looks good in domestic media but has no effect on the ayatollahs and communists.

Worse, America’s fake support prompts South Korea to provoke hostilities. The current round occurred when the South Koreans engaged in military exercises in the disputed waters—as if they have nowhere else to train.

South Koreans observe attacked island

The Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem is a rare place where the interests of right-wing Jews and Arabs converge: both oppose the state prosecution.

Like every other Arab neighborhood, Silwan is built mostly illegally. For decades, the state turned a blind eye to Arab construction. The situation changed when Jews also started to build in Silwan illegally.

The Americans and leftists pushed the Attorney General to single out Jewish construction for demolition, and the leftist courts concurred. Jerusalem’s mayor, however, cannot feasibly carry out the seal-and-evict order because it would cost him the support of religious Zionist Jews in the next elections. To maintain a semblance of justice, he would have to evict the Arabs, too—an almost impossible task in the current political climate. By connecting the issues of Jewish and Arab eviction, the mayor is trying to stop evictions altogether.

In the meantime, Arabs continue to build illegally in Silwan, the ancient site of the City of David and Solomon’s gardens, which our Palestinian enemies claim for their capital.


Park 51, an Islamic cultural center and mosque to be built at the WTC site in New York, applied for federal funding from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, an agency which distributes rehabilitation funds in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Such an agency is pork-barrel spending by definition: no inducement is necessary to build in such an ultra-expensive area. But the current problem is curiously moral: should the victims fund the alleged perpetrators?

After suffering from Muslim attacks, Americans will fund a Muslim institution which had audacity to set itself a mere two blocks from the very site of attacks. Why? Because they call the attackers bad extremists rather than good Muslims.

Park 51

The Supreme Court is hearing a case which would grant Israeli residence permits to the children of Israeli Palestinian residents (non-citizens).

In most countries, the permanent residency of parents invokes no similar right for their children who live abroad. The idea is absurd: the Arabs with residence permits live mostly in the disputed areas of Jerusalem, which the court is pushing the government to abandon to the PA. Yet the lower court decided to grant the Arabs Israeli residency in areas they want Israel to give up.

Israeli, American, and PLO officials are engaged in a squabble over what exactly to negotiate during the three-month construction freeze. The Arabs want to negotiate all border issues.The Americans have agreed to some negotiation of borders, but Israel has made no commitment at all.

Netanyahu’s reasoning is clear: once he has drawn the West Bank’s borders, he will have no chips to exchange for additional areas in Jerusalem. But that reasoning is false: with extremely minor modifications, everyone knows what the future boundaries will be. The Palestinians merely want Netanyahu to go public with the map. But he would bring down his Cabinet if he were to publish the list of settlements to be destroyed. Not that his right-wing coalition members are oblivious to the list now, but this is a political game in which voters, MKs, and the government pretend that the future is not already sealed.

The alleged victim of Bar-Lev has waived her anonymity. She is Orly Innes, the long-time head of  the ‘City without Violence’ police program. Considering the aggressive and rather harsh type of woman she is, her story of sexual harassment is now even more unbelievable.

After talks with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the Greeks announced that they would restore Greek citizenship to Jewish Holocaust survivors of Greek origin. Who knows why it took them so long.

It is also odd that the Israeli FM promotes foreign citizenship for Israeli citizens.

Greek Orthodox priest and the Nazi

Bushehr nuclear power plantIran has fully loaded the Bushehr reactor with nuclear fuel.

This signifies the formal end of Israel’s chance to bomb Iran and stop its nuclear program. Nobody will bomb a loaded reactor for fear of contamination. Never mind the potential contamination of Tel Aviv.

Although its purpose is technically peaceful, the Bushehr reactor can be used to harvest plutonium. Iran has access to North Korea’s expertise in weaponizing plutonium.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most popular opposition movement which would win any free elections hands-down, has declared that cutting ties with Israel would be its top priority.

Mubarak is trying to quash the opposition while the White House insists on democratic elections.

What is important is not the Muslim Brotherhood’s platform per se, but the fact that the brothers perceive hatred of Israel to be a viable campaign position. Polls confirm that the vast majority of Egyptians hate Israel.

The peace treaty provided Egypt with US aid and the shield behind which Egypt built its nuclear reactors.

The government will vote today on the construction of a camp for African illegals in the Negev.

The Africans will live there for years, receiving pocket money, first-class medical treatment, and food from humane Jews. Too many Jewish charities will rush in to educate the Africans, and soon ultra-leftists will point to African children speaking Hebrew in fake IDF uniforms to prove that they must be allowed into our country as good citizens.

The facility will hold a mere 8,000 Africans, some 20% of the total number.

The Africans crossed into Israel to work for food. The government now offers them a better option: to get food without working.

WikileaksWikileaks is set to release US State Department internal documents that contain rather frank opinions about Israeli leaders and politics.

The State Department is engaged in damage control. They are frantically calling the Israelis mentioned in those cables to express their regrets.
The problem is not in the turns of speech; frank discussion should not be a taboo. Rather, the cables express the State Department’s real attitudes toward Israel and Jews, which as we know are far from palatable.

Nothing will change, and Israeli politicians will swallow the insults. Many similar leaks have surfaced over the years, including ugly remarks by American presidents about Israeli PM’s, mostly Shamir and Netanyahu.

The Fatah Revolutionary Council ended its convention in Ramallah with a refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. That is, the Palestinians refuse to abandon the ‘right of return.’

It is mind-boggling that a conference of Israel’s enemies takes place a few miles from government buildings in Jerusalem, with IDF stationed in the vicinity, and Israeli citizens are forced to support the Fatah via tax transfers.

What country’s leader who was not an overt traitor would have missed the chance to bomb them all while they assembled conveniently in our gunsights?

In a daring operation, two nuclear scientists were attacked with car bombs in Tehran. One of them is still alive.

No amount of covert work can compensate for Israel’s failure to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

As an international tribunal was poised to accuse Hezbollah of assassinating his father, Hariri Jr paid homage to the ayatollahs. During his stay in Iran, he reportedly asked them to restrain Hezbollah. Yet, why would Iran do that?

To keep his government safe from Hezbollah riots, Hariri will have to offer Iran the same wide-ranging concessions he offered to Syria.

The price of keeping a somewhat pro-Western government in Lebanon is giving that country away to Syria and Iran. And Hariri is turning into their puppet.

Hariri and Ahmadinejad

Consider how odd the Cablegate scandal is. Governments easily shut down child porn, warez, racist, and other kinds of web sites. Even peer-to-peer networks are taken down and individual uploaders prosecuted. Hacking and DDOS attacks are a regular occurrence on the Internet. And yet we must believe that the mightiest power on earth is powerless against a web site? Perhaps the same idiocy is at play here as that which led the State Department to post hundreds of thousands of cables on a widely available internal web server.

Wikileaks has done a great service to the world by publishing those documents. They contain no tactical wartime information, and contrary to the White House’s statements, they do not endanger many lives. Heads will roll here and there because the cables reveal American contacts in foreign lands, but it is equally possible that local dissidents will be protected by their connection to the White House. For most part, their names were redacted. While some secrecy in governmental affairs is unavoidable, citizens must be offended to know that the government lies to them consistently.

There will be no international scandals over the publications. The offended foreign politicians will prefer to ignore or downplay the revelations. Foreign governments whose own cables are equally frank won’t be eager to hold the State Department accountable.

Pakistan has a significant amount of HEU in its nuclear reactor, which could allow that country to produce many more nuclear weapons. The current Pakistani leadership is eager to get rid of the hot potato, but cannot do so for fear of media attention.
Mossad’s chief shares our belief that Pakistan is the biggest potential threat to Israel if Islamists take power in that nuclear-armed country.

For years, Libya was reported to have fully dismantled its advanced nuclear program. Yet in 2009 it still possessed HEU.

The cables describe at least once instance of a rogue HEU shipment.

The Chinese government hired prominent foreign hackers to conduct political and industrial computer espionage.

Saudi authorities know and tolerate major Al Qaeda donors. The Saudi king and his brother the foreign minister have opposing views on attacking Iran, with the king favoring a showdown.

The Syrians supply Hezbollah with missiles despite their promises to the United States that they will cease doing so.

Putin bribed Berlusconi with energy contracts, and in return the Italian PM supports Russian interests in the EU.
The Russian government and intelligence services use organized crime groups to conduct dirty operations.

American diplomats so misunderstand Afghanistan that they describe Karzai as “driven by paranoia.” Rabbi Kahane used to say that paranoid Jews live longer, and that fully applies to Afghani leaders. Karzai remembers that his predecessor, Najibullah, was castrated and hung by the victorious mojahedeen upon the Russian withdrawal.

UK’s military operations in Afghanistan are an utter failure. US policy, particularly on Iran, is driven largely by accidents. It is not as carefully thought out as the Iranians imagine. The Ayatollahs deliberately manipulate the United States.

In 2009, Ehud Barak said that if the Iranian nuclear program were not stopped soon, it would become unstoppable because of the danger of collateral damage and contamination. To this day, Barak claims he wants to give sanctions a chance.
Robert Gates thought in February 2010 that only a few months were left to stop Iranian nuclear program. He misread the situation, believing that Israel would strike without American approval and that the strike would cause a regional war.
Iran supports Islamic insurgents in Azerbaijan, which it sees as a part of the Iranian sphere of influence.
Ahmadinejad’s opponent in the rigged presidential elections allegedly got 26 million votes, compared to 4-5 million for Ahmadinejad. That’s not good news because Mousawi opposes Israel and supports the Iranian nuclear program just like Ahmadinejad.

Ehud Barak, publicly an outspoken supporter of the peace process, said unequivocally that it is doomed to failure.
During the 2009 war in Gaza, Israel was ready to dislodge Hamas, but the Fatah refused to take over the territory.

If the published documents are any indication, the State Department has little interest in Israel and her leaders. In turn, Israeli officials distrust their American colleagues: the tone of their conversations is much more reserved than those of Arabs and the Europeans.

Israeli media are savoring a new round of sexual accusations against the religious community. This time, a father is accused of sexually assaulting his three daughters.

Maybe yes, maybe no. What is wrong here is the readiness of police to leak a half-baked case, and the media’s unscrupulous rush to cover it. The accusations rest on the testimony of a 14-year-old girl, a drug addict who ran away from home. While she may be telling the truth, her accusations against her father must be taken with a huge grain of salt.

A Ben Gurion University study found that attractive females are 30% less likely to get a job than plain-looking ones.

This absurdity can have a number of explanations: female interviewers are uncomfortable with the competition, or employers are concerned that attractive females distract their colleagues. The most probable cause is the fear of sexual harassment allegations.

Shavit Wiesel, Miss Israel 2010

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