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It finally dawned on Netanyahu that he should make his state Jewish before asking Palestinians to recognize it as such. But instead of troubling himself with banning homosexual marches in Jerusalem, leaven on Pesach, or work on Sabbath, he sided with Lieberman in approving an amendment to the Citizenship Law. Now every new citizen will be asked to vow allegiance to the “‘Jewish and democratic” state. Never mind that any normal Jew, be he religious or nationalist, must have a problem with a democratic state in which Arab and Jewish citizens have equal say. The law will demand the oath from new immigrants only, thus the Arabs are exempt.

Long gone are the days when people viewed an oath as a divine bond, one that they were literally afraid to break. An oath is just words. No sane person would have any trouble pronouncing such a phrase as a condition of obtaining Israeli citizenship, whether he believes in it or not.

Ahmadinejad and ChavezThe Foreign Policy has confirmed our appraisal of a year ago that Iran moved a significant part of its nuclear facilities to Venezuela. Chavez has also confirmed that his country in engaged in ‘preliminary’ nuclear research.

S-300 The Russians have formally rescinded an $800 million contract with Iran for S-300. Though the Russians cited UNSC sanctions, it is not customary for them to honor UN resolutions detrimental to their business.

The fact that the Russians complied with the UN resolution rather than vetoing it suggests that they got something valuable in return—something more valuable than a nearly billion-dollar arms sale with Iran, the prospect of future sales, and tenders for gas exploration and two new nuclear power stations.

Initially, the United States promised Russia the Saudi Arabian weapons market, but then the Saudis concluded a $60 billion deal with the Americans.

American compensation to Russia for its multi-billion losses in Iran and the loss of a strategic alliance is nowhere to be seen. We surmise that the Russians abandoned Iran in the face of its imminent defeat. Israel has learned how to reliably jam S-300, and the Russians do not want to discredit their military products.

October 2010
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