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Rabbi Meir KahaneA thousand conservative activists gathered in Jerusalem to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s assassination.

A marked increase from the previous years, the number shows Kach’s potential to become a truly proselytizing movement. Such movements typically explode within a few years after the founder’s death, when desperate followers find relief in spreading his word. Mythologized, the founder becomes a symbol. The leader’s ugly deeds are explained in historical context, and he enters the national pantheon.

Just as Stern, Begin, and Shamir transformed from terrorists into national heroes, we can expect the same process to turn Rabbi Kahane into an officially recognized Jewish ideologue. His writings and videos are available for free download on our site.

The Council of Jewish Settlements lambasted the government for withholding building permits even in the largest Jewish towns of Beitar Illit and Maaleh Adumim. It was the consensus even in Olmert’s government that these West Bank towns will remain Jewish under any peace treaty, but now the government is refusing to issue building permits for 4,300 housing units.

The funny part is that the Council is a government organization whose director is a close friend of Netanyahu. The PM dances a tightrope between settlers and leftists in his government. He needs to show the Americans that the pressure is building upon him to renew the construction. That policy won’t help: Obama is intent on punishing Bibi for his decision not to renew the settlement freeze.

Beitar Illit

The US State Department is accusing Syria of destabilizing the Middle East.

Quite an accusation coming from the country that invaded Iraq, brought Hezbollah to power in Lebanon by pushing for democratic elections, likewise made Hamas the elected government, and is now forcing Mubarak to democratize Egypt.

VaticanHolocaust survivors from Yugoslavia petitioned the EU to investigate Nazi money-laundering through the Bank of the Vatican. The Vatican has denied any wrongdoing.

The quarrel ignores a more important issue. During WWII, the Vatican indeed appropriated relatively little in the way of Jewish assets, but it profited immensely from hundreds of other Jewish holocausts, big and small. Since the early days of Christianity, the Vatican seized the assets of Jews murdered and expelled in pogroms. That is how the Vatican amassed its splendid collection of Jewish religious books, to which it graciously grants Israeli scholars access once in a while.

Now that Iran has rejected all Western proposals on its nuclear program, Obama is preparing a new offer. Incredibly, the White House justifies the attempt thusly: Obama wants to fulfill his promises to keep the dialogue with Iran ongoing. The ayatollahs have violated all their promises and obligations, but the Hussein is concerned about keeping his—which no one took seriously in the first place.

Instead of punishing Iran for non-compliance, the EU has prepared a new set of meager sanctions along with a generous offer in exchange for cooperation. The United States, too, increased its uranium swap offer from 2,800 lbs to 4,500 lbs—because Iran has worked hard on enrichment since the offer was floated last year.

Iran has so far ignored both the US and EU offers. And why not? When ayatollahs get the bomb, the West will become much more generous.

Yaakov LitzmanYaakov Litzman, an MK from the United Torah Judaism Party, has provided hard evidence of the long-rumored Livni concessions. Trying to form a government, Tzipi offered religious parties much more money than Olmert and Netanyahu, whom she lambasted on that very issue.

Exasperated by Livni’s criticism of government subsidies to yeshiva students, Litzman published a note he received from her negotiator offering subsidies of $300 per family.

Though government charity for able-bodied Jews is wrong, it pales in comparison with the state’s massive subsidies to Arabs.

The Israeli government is searching for African countries willing to accept the hundred thousand black illegals who have infiltrated Israel. The idea is silly: the proposed payment of ‘millions of dollars’ is too small to accommodate such vast numbers. Besides, transferring the alleged refugees against their will is illegal.

Instead, Israel should deliver the ‘refugees’ to where they belong: UNRWA refugee camps in Gaza and Lebanon.

African migrants

The trade union of Israeli state broadcasting authority workers threatened a strike when the employees were required to record their hours. It is a common habit among them to come and go whenever they want.

Netanyahu issued a sharp criticism of the UNESCO decision which named Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs as Muslim sites.

Religiously, the Muslims are not tremendously wrong: the first two Jewish patriarchs were Arab progenitors, too. They are not wrong historically, either: they controlled both sites for centuries. Politically, the Muslims are absolutely right: the Israeli government abandoned Bethlehem and Hebron to them.

Israeli politicians who lack the guts to annex the core Jewish lands are in no position to criticize international bodies who say that the land belongs to Arabs.

Tomb of the Patriarchs

Tens of thousands of Arabs demonstrated in Gaza against peace with Israel. The Palestinians chanted their customary, “Kill the Jews!” Quite a peace partner we have there.

What is more important is their sense of normality. They hate the Jews who dispossessed them, and are not shy about expressing that hatred. Compare them with the abnormal Jews who suffer rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, but do not come into the streets shouting, “Death to Palestine!” Instead, these abnormal people come to demonstrations pushing the government to make peace with those who dream of murdering us.

While the United States prevents us from attacking Iran and pushes us toward a suicidal peace treaty with the Arabs, Hamas seems like the only party around concerned with maintaining de facto peace with Israel.

Speaking to Al Hayat, Hamas’s Mahmoud Zahar confirmed that his group expends great efforts to suppress the Salafist rebels who fire rockets at Israel. Spawned by the American invasion, radical Muslim groups grew in Iraq and predictably entered Gaza. They are a small threat so far to Israel, but a great threat to Hamas. Trying to keep up with them, religiously moderate Hamas has adopted increasingly stringent Islamic positions.

Unless Israel helps Hamas to fight the Salafists—just as we help Fatah to fight Hamas—Al Qaeda-affiliated groups are poised to take over Gaza.

Western European countries closed their airports to cargo from Yemen after two bombs were sent from that country to the United States. Imagine the world’s reaction if Israel were to close her airports to Palestinian cargo.

One package with bombs was intercepted in Dubai, which indeed has extensive cargo-checking facilities, but the other was miraculously intercepted at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire, the UK. Given the lackluster facilities there, discovering a bomb package by random checks is improbable.

The packages were unusual in that they contained many bombs. Terrorists normally conceal their bombs in packages. Sending suspiciously heavy parcels through FedEx and UPS was also an abnormally bad idea. Delivering them by regular mail would have been a much safer bet.

The US Marines received an order to attack Al Qaeda’s base in Yemen, where the bombs originated, the same day the bombs were discovered. Plans appear to have been ready beforehand because the USS Boxer was ready for an amphibious landing within hours. Such a swift deployment suggests that the bombs were a pretext in a long-prepared operation.

Yemen’s president barred the United States from attacking the Al Qaeda cell responsible, even though he generally welcomes American help in putting down the rebels. He, too, suspects a deliberate provocation.

One report of moderate credibility relates that a bomb was intended for a homosexual synagogue in Chicago—not something that religious Jews would oppose. Be it as it may, the rumor comes in handy for Rahm Emmanuel’s election.

Yeshiva studentsStudents of Hebrew University, Tel Aviv, and Bar Ilan universities protested the government’s decision to offer a modest stipend to yeshiva students. Married men with children who study in yeshiva will be receiving meager $300 per month.

Subsidizing those Jews who refuse to work for living might well be wrong, but atheistic students are fine with stipends paid to Arab students. In fact, government subsidies to universities greatly exceed stipends.

Arabs are no less spongers than yeshiva students. Some 60% of female Arab graduates do not work. Arab men mostly work in the black-market economy without paying taxes. Many of them never use their university degree because they never really studied: afraid of charges of racism, professors greatly relax examination standards for Arabs. Economically, stipends and subsidies for Arab education are just as worthless as for haredim.

Meir Kahane thundered that Israeli universities will breed the next generation of the PLO leaders. Revolutions, he said, do not come from the numb and the dumb, but from the educated class. And so Israel pays to raise a generation of her bitter enemies.

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