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A month after four Jews were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in reprisal for Netanyahu’s senseless peace talks with Abbas, the murderers still have not been killed, or even brought to Israel’s flimsy justice.

Despite heated rhetoric about avenging the victims, Netanyahu’s government does nothing to that end. The suspects remain in Fatah jail, and Israel does not even demand their rendition, in contrast to her willingness to extradite Jews for foreign prosecution.

Rumor has it that the White House offered Netanyahu a letter full of concessions in return for extending the settlement freeze by two months.

It is completely unrealistic to expect a peace settlement within so short a time frame. It is also unlikely that Obama wants Israeli concessions in order to build sufficient goodwill in the Arab world for an attack on Iran: other Arabs care about Iranian nukes, not about Palestinians. Obama only needs the freeze to look good in the upcoming elections. Twisting Israel’s arm would be his only achievement in the context of his across-the-board foreign policy losses.

Netanyahu must be stupid to support Obama now rather than siding with the Republicans in the elections. The last thing Israel needs is to help the Hussein create an illusion for the American public.

Also, Obama’s letter is worthless. Israel has received many such promising letters, which were duly ignored as non-binding. Eisenhower promised us that he would keep the Tiran Straits open, Nixon guaranteed us an edge over the Arabs in arms supply, Reagan promised us the status of an ally, and Bush conceded significant border rectifications.

Obama’s letter shows just how far we are from de jure peace. He ‘allows’ Israel to keep troops in the Jordan Valley while transferring it to Palestinian rule. Abbas would never agree to Israeli troops in his statelet.

The letter promises help in enhancing Israeli defense capabilities if a peace treaty is signed. We wonder, what kind of peace requires Israel to increase her military expenditures?

A hundred NATO trucks wait on the Pakistani border to cross into Afghanistan after the Pakistanis temporarily closed the crossing to Americans for political reasons.

Can the mighty NATO not smash a checkpoint?

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