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Continuing the gender separation scandal, the High Court pressed the government’s attorney to acknowledge that city streets are a public place, and that gender separation is therefore illegal there. This view is mistaken.

Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood is 100% ultra-Orthodox. The entrance to Toldot Aharon yeshiva attracts only ultra-Orthodox visitors. Throughout the district, placards ask tourists to refrain from visiting the neighborhood, which unscrupulous tour companies have turned into a safari-like attraction. Its streets are public, yes, but the public in Mea Shearim is very different from Tel Aviv’s or even downtown Jerusalem’s. If the secular public sets the standards in Tel aviv, why cannot the ultra-Orthodox public set its own standards in a tiny neighborhood?

Hundreds of police guarded the few dozen ultra-left nuts who protested gender separation in Mea Shearim. Those atheists could not care less about ultra-Orthodox women.

After a decade of hearings, the Supreme Court finally affirmed Jewish ownership of a 2.5-acre land plot in Sheikh Jarrah. The case was actually straightforward, based on a title dated 1892.

But the court ruling won’t help the Jews. It will take years to evict the Arab squatters, which will be done again through the court system rather than simply through the police. There are hundreds of outstanding court orders affirming Jewish ownership, but the Israeli government refuses to evict the Arabs.

Whatever titles Jews have to land in East Jerusalem will be lost after the government abandons the city to the Muslims, just as Jews lost tracts of land they had purchased in Jordan.

According to a Taub Center report, life expectancy for Israeli Arabs has increased from 72 years in 1980 to 79 years today. The tax-negative Arab population are parasites who live on Israeli health care subsidized by docile Jews.

September 2010
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