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Israel’s High Court has barred ultra-Orthodox residents of Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim district from enforcing “gender segregation.”

The segregation in question was practiced on 50 feet of sidewalk to prevent men and women from rubbing into each other when crowds flocked to Toldot Aharon yeshiva on holidays.

Whatever are our opinions on gender segregation, this particular manifestation was negligible, and expedient similarly to gender-separated public baths. If ultra-Orthodox radicals want to practice gender separation, they must be free to do so, and who are the High Court’s atheists to argue with halachic authorities?

Netanyahu has approved as a “national project” the installation of windmills on the Golan Heights.

Wind energy is economically inefficient, and much more expensive to produce than energy from power stations. In other countries, governments issue massive subsidies for green energy or, like in California, allow consumers to pay more for it. So why would a commercial entity invest $400 million in an unfeasible project, especially in the Golan Heights, which everyone expects to be abandoned to Syria soon? Syria certainly won’t subsidize energy from an Israeli company.

The answer, perhaps, is in the $400 million figure. The wind farm’s capacity is 200MW, which should cost $120-180 million. The idea may be to defraud investors rather than benefit consumers.

As for Israeli energy problems, they can be solved with nuclear power stations.

Years ago, the United States made the fateful decision to allow Saudi Arabia to increase its stake in the World Bank. Since then, a disproportional share of the bank’s resources has been diverted to Muslim countries.

The World Bank’s Islamization culminated with the appointment of a Muslim director. Now he has been replaced with another Muslim, an Egyptian minister.

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