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Ahmadinejad has offered to stop enriching uranium if world powers provide Iran with uranium suitably enriched for producing medical isotopes. Incidentally, that’s weapons-grade uranium that he wants.

Egypt also claims that its weapons-grade uranium is intended for medical research.

J Street has confirmed that George Soros is the major donor who contributed $750,000 to their anti-Semitic organization over a period of three years. But if Soros’ funding is so small, where does J Street’s money really come from?

The Israeli government is stupid. J Street, the most notorious anti-Semitic Jewish organization, runs on something like $2 million a year. Its popularity is confined to press reports, which lead gentiles to believe it is a grassroots organization that genuinely represents American Jewish opinion. Israel could easily counter that by sponsoring a number of right-wing Jewish organizations to provide a fringe alternative to J Street. But stupidity is not the only reason that does not happen. Its rhetoric notwithstanding, the Israeli government fully shares J Street’s goals.

Jerusalem’s light rail project nears completion at a cost of $1 billion, or about $11,000 for each family in the adjoining districts. At this price, only one line will be completed. Symbolically, it will run from Mount Herzl to an Arab refugee camp in Shuafat. Indeed, this is a great way to bring even more ever-rioting Arabs from Shuafat into the capital.

The rail will not prompt drivers to abandon their cars because they still need to get to and from the tram, a daunting task given Jerusalem’s run-down public transportation system. For $1 billion, the entire country could have been equipped with new public buses, which would solve the traffic problem much better if they were given right of way like the light rail.

But corruption and arrogance led the municipality to choose the light rail instead.

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