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Speaking at his Global Initiative conference, former president Clinton said that right-wing Russian immigrants to Israel were the reason that peace could not be achieved.

It is mind-boggling that a person with such silly ideas dictated the world’s Middle Eastern policy for a decade. Of course the Russian immigrants of 1993 made peace impossible in 1948, and in 1967, and in 1973, and during the two Intifadas. Did they also write the Hamas and Fatah charters, which call for the destruction of Israel?

Clinton provided an anecdote. In 2000, Natan Scharansky opposed Clinton’s peace plan because it would make Israel ludicrously small. Clinton retorted that such an Israel would still be bigger than Natan’s prison cell in the USSR. Ten years later, the president still approves of that line of reasoning.

Two conflicting approaches to warfare have surfaced in Israel following the tactical victory and strategic defeat of the Gaza war.

The IDF has added precise weapons to its arsenal, including sniper rifles and expensive guided bombs that knock on roofs to warn the terrorists. The army is also honing its urban-combat tactics. Already the cost of killing a single militant exceeds $15 million.

In contrast, rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elizur have written a halachic treatise on Jewish rules of war entitled, The King’s Torah. Not a single rabbinical authority has come up with a halachic criticism of the book, yet it is widely denounced as a war-crimes manual. According to the real Judaism, a Jewish soldier is forbidden to risk his life to save enemy civilians, and there are no restrictions on killing them.

Jewish organizations are mobilizing against David Irving. A major WWII historian and a partial Holocaust denier, Irving advertises guided tours of  Auschwitz at $2,650 a head. As smart as he is, he should certainly be able to show several inconsistencies at the Auschwitz site, which was erroneously rebuilt after the war. The very idea of a Holocaust denier leading tours of Auschwitz—and profiting from it—is repugnant.

But look at it this way: we want a person to be barred from our memorial site for his beliefs. How much more of a problem should we therefore have with Arabs living in the Land of Israel?

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