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As usual during the holidays, IDF imposed closure on the Palestinian-occupied territories for Succot. It’s not that the army suddenly decided to let the Jews celebrate without seeing their sworn enemies at every corner. Rather, the Palestinians intensify their efforts to pull off terror attacks during Jewish holidays.

But if the security situation is so bad that general closure is the least heavy-handed way to prevent terror, can we really believe in peace with the Palestinians?

And what is the point of making fake peace with a Palestinian no-nation when it won’t sway Israel’s real enemies? Ahmadinejad reiterated at the UN that no amount of concessions would bring peace between Israel and Iran.

Responding to the UN’s demands, Israel investigated her own soldiers, punished several for petty offenses, and vowed to make her military doctrine more humane—that is, to keep Arabs alive at the expense of Jewish lives. In contrast, Hamas simply ignored the UN’s demands.

Having reviewed Israel’s and Hamas’ responses, the UNHRC lambasted both. Israel was criticized extensively for the ineffectiveness of her investigation. Hamas was merely chastised for refusing to conduct “a serious investigation.”

It’s a fun for the Muslim-dominated UNHRC to lash out at Israel and Hamas, two regional outcasts.

The Supreme Court approved extradition to the United States for several Israelis accused of defrauding elderly Americans of significant amounts. The accused may indeed deserve jail, but Israel is perfectly entitled to prosecute her citizens for crimes committed abroad. The extradition of Jews to gentile jurisdiction is against Jewish religious law and Israeli legal tradition.

September 2010
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